Our Services

We are a modern full-service vision and eye care practice, administering routine eye exams as well as diagnosing and managing ocular disease.

Vision Correction

We use the highest quality lens and eyewear materials and offer contact lens fittings. Our products include daily soft lenses, torics, multifocals, ortho-keratology and medically necessary specialty lenses, including sclerals. These specialty lenses provide improved vision for irregular corneas, patients with moderate and severe dryness and keratoconus.

Eye Health Evaluation

As part of your eye exam, we comprehensively evaluate your external and internal ocular health, which is often an indicator of overall systemic health. This is why we recommend yearly exams. They help us catch problems early and employ preventative measures. We use state of the art equipment for the diagnosis, management and treatment of eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, among many others.

Eye Emergencies

We also treat eye emergencies for which patients might typically visit their primary care physician or urgent care center. Examples include red and sensitive eyes, pink eye, lid swelling and bumps and the removal of objects trapped in the eye.

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