How Long Do Ortho-k Lenses Take to Be Effective?

Orthokeratology is a vision treatment using a contact lens that reshapes your cornea temporarily. Ortho-k lenses work during the night. They improve your vision while you are asleep. People who are unwilling to have laser surgery prefer using ortho-k lenses. 


Ortho-k lenses are also an option for individuals who prefer not to wear regular contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. Orthokeratology is a refractive therapy but is not a permanent vision correction solution.


What Does Orthokeratology Correct?


Orthokeratology treats a variety of refractive errors. It primarily treats myopia or nearsightedness. Myopic patients can see near objects but have difficulty seeing anything far away. You are likely to suffer from myopia if you have eyestrain, headaches, or if you are squinting. 


How Does Orthokeratology Work?


Orthokeratology corrects refractive errors such as myopia. This instrument designs an ortho-k lens for your affected eye.


The temporary ortho-k lenses are firm and gas permeable. They help flatten the center of your cornea. As a result, this changes the way your cornea bends light. After one night of wearing the lenses, you can see immediate results. Your eyes can revert to their original shape if you fail to wear the ortho-k lenses every night.


Is Ortho-k Safe?


Orthokeratology is effective and safe for use for people of all ages. The treatment does not cause pain. You also enjoy not having to wear contact lenses throughout the day. If regular contact lenses irritate you, then ortho-k lenses are a convenient alternative for you.


However, ortho-k lenses can increase your risk of getting an infection. If your eyes turn red and become itchy, it could be an infection. See your doctor immediately for early treatment. You are likely to get bacterial keratitis or microbial. 


It is essential to have your contacts clean. Use a contact lens solution when you are not wearing them. Wearing the ortho-k lenses can take a while to familiarize yourself with because you can experience discomfort. Consult your doctor if the pain persists. 


Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Ortho-k?


A good candidate for orthokeratology does not want to consider any other vision correction option. If you are unwilling to undergo surgery, wear glasses or regular contact lenses, you fit the description. Ortho-k lenses are appropriate for people of all ages, including children. 


Ortho-k lenses can slow the progression of myopia in children. As your child grows up, their eyes continue to change shape. Initiating vision correction is essential for them.


How Long Does Orthokeratology Take to Be Effective?


The length of time ortho-k lenses take to entirely correct vision depends on various factors. The shape of your eye and the prescription you receive before treatment matter. The other factors to consider include:


  • The length of your sleep each night – Seven to eight hours is ideal

  • The rigidity of the layers of the surface of your eye

  • Consistency of wearing the lenses every night

  • Lens parameters

  • The extent of astigmatism

  • Eye surface curvature

  • Pupil size


Patients experience vision changes after one night of using the ortho-k lenses. Some patients see slower vision correction, while others experience fast changes. Everyone has different eyes, and progress varies from one person to another.


For more information on ortho-k lenses or to see if they're right for you or your child, contact Hedges Eye Care at our office in Newberry, Florida. You can call (352) 306-1103 to book an appointment today.

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