Importance of Routine Eye Exams

The eyes are sensitive organs, and many people fail to take good care of their eyes, which often results in losing their vision or requiring glasses. It is important to realize eye exams are not just for those who need glasses. There is more to eye testing than measuring visual acuity. A full eye exam includes different aspects of visual function. There are several reasons why routine eye exams are important.


Detecting Eye Conditions


Unlike with acuity tests, full eye exams are generally performed by a qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist. The specialists look for underlying symptoms of various eye conditions. Some eye conditions that can be identified include glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and the development of cataracts. When detected early, most eye conditions can be controlled. Routine eye exams can help to prevent vision loss.


Check Visual Function


Eye exams help to check a person’s visual function. They check for both proximal and distance vision. A basic visual acuity test can identify if and when the patient will need glasses. They can help to determine the corrections that are required based on deterioration or improvement of the visual function over time. They can help patients suffering from near- or farsightedness.


Checking Ocular Symptoms


Routine eye exams will allow the specialists to look for different ocular symptoms. Common eye issues like astigmatism can affect an individual’s quality of life. During examinations, the eye specialists identify the need for cylindrical power. Most of the ocular conditions or symptoms can be reversed if caught early. Delayed identification of symptoms can lead to irreversible damage. More than 75 percent of vision loss cases can be prevented if identified early.


Detecting Health Problems


Eye exams can help to detect serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or even cancer. Many people discover that they have health issues during their annual eye exam. The eyes are often considered a window to an individual’s overall health. During the comprehensive eye examination, the specialist will often observe and evaluate the condition of the blood vessels in the retina. These can be a very good indicator of the health or condition of the blood supply in the entire body.


Ensure Success in School


Regular eye examinations for children can help them to succeed in school. Children need good vision in order to learn both in and outside the class. Many kids today are experiencing vision difficulties. They are caused by different factors, especially exposure to increased screen time. Cases of children developing myopia have continued to increase. Getting routine eye exams will help to ensure that children see clearly and are comfortable in school.


Getting routine eye exams will help to safeguard your overall health and wellness. Individuals who experience eye problems early in life tend to go through a progression or worsening of the problems. Scheduling regular eye exams are the best way to ensure that the risk of serious eye diseases is reduced. It is important to realize that vision screenings cannot be a substitute for comprehensive eye exams. An annual eye exam is for you even if you have perfect vision.


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